Local legislators don’t score well with family-value votes

To the Editor,A quick note regarding legislator effectiveness is in order with the recent release of rankings by the NC Center for Public Policy Research. The survey is fairly solid and widely quoted in the media. Overall, the group does a pretty good job.But it is worth noting that public policy groups in Raleigh generally fall into two camps. The left-of-center camp with ties to the Z. Smith Reynolds Foundation and the right-of-center camp with ties to the John William...

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Our once-great nation is on a corrupt and sinful path

To the Editor,Voter ID is necessary. Too many dead people, pets and illegals have voted in our country for too long and it has escalated to the point of disgrace. One must have a legal photo ID to cash a check, to take the driver’s test and for many, many other things. So what is the big deal? In one state more than 5,000 illegal votes were cast in a recent election.

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Reading and right

In the summer of 2010, when news broke that the football program at the state’s flagship university was being investigated by the NCAA, officials at the University of North Carolina took an accommodating posture. Instead of mounting a public-relations defense, they beared the onslaught without a grin, apparently having made the decision that if they didn’t join the conversation, perhaps it would be shortened.

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This is Day 2 of earning for yourself

RALEIGH — The weather is getting warmer, the plants are in bloom, and people are starting to spend more time outside. Yes, it’s springtime, and as we get more comfortable with the season change, one thing continues to put a damper on things — tax day. April 15 arrived yesterday, but do you know exactly how long it took you to pay those taxes?If we add up every tax you have to pay — federal, state, property, etc. — how long would it take? What is the co...

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Rand Paul’s foreign policy problem

The oil-services company Halliburton is an old obsession of the anti-Bush left, and evidently of Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul.The libertarian standard-bearer and almost-certain Republican presidential candidate suggested to audiences a few years ago that Vice President Dick Cheney’s views on the Iraq War were influenced by his time as CEO at Halliburton. Cheney had opposed going into Iraq during the Persian Gulf War under the first President George Bush; then, after a stint at Hal...

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Mississippi falls back to hateful ways

Mississippi, my adopted home state, place that I love, is reverting to its old ways, which many of us who live here had believed and hoped to be in the distant past.Mississippi is using religion to discriminate against minorities, and politicians are pandering to the lowest common denominator of voters, making hay of hate. This time, the targets are gays and lesbians.

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The problem isn’t ‘stepping on toes’

Gov. Pat McCrory seems to think that every time people in Raleigh have questions about one of his proposals, it is because he is courageously “stepping on toes” of people in entrenched institutions who refuse to consider doing things differently.McCrory used the line in a recent speech in Charlotte — where he seems to be spending an inordinate amount of time in recent weeks — talking about the lukewarm reception for his proposal to turn over the state’...

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That big lie on women earning less

To paraphrase the line often attributed to Mark Twain, there are lies, damn lies and the “equal pay” statistic.The factoid that women earn only 77 cents of every dollar earned by men is the focal point of a feminist cargo cult. It has its own movement and its own quasi-holiday, the so-called Equal Pay Day, marking how far into a new year women supposedly have to work to match what men made the prior year.The figure is presumed to clinch any debate over the co...

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The oppressed majority

Three judges from the 4th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals will be hearing a case that may have lasting impact on North Carolina’s gay marriage ban next month. The topic came up over the weekend while out with friends, and more than one of these persons I was out with expressed a concern that repealing a law banning gay marriage would be “oppressive to Christians.”I invite you to read this sentence again, this time outloud, slowly, and while seated: “Repealing ...

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Precautions should be taken when preserving food

It’s here! It’s the time of year for all “food preservation buffs” to sharpen their skills and tools for the 2014 fresh produce season. Proper working equipment, up-to-date research-based recipes, food safety knowledge, and fresh high-quality produce are keys to delicious-tasting meals on your kitchen table throughout the year.The three main ways to preserve food include canning, freezing and drying. The method you choose depends on several things....

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Friends of Robeson Library to hold annual dinner

The annual meeting of the Friends of the Robeson County Public Library is scheduled for April 22 at the Pinecrest Country Club in Lumberton. Attendees will enjoy a social hour, a delicious dinner and a keynote speech by Brenda McKean.Our speaker for the evening has written two volumes titled “War at My Doorsteps.” These books take place during the War Between the States and relate to events on the home front and how ordinary citizens coped with the experiences during th...

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Good deal for everyone

When trustees consider whether or not to sell or trade land at COMtech to the park so that is can be developed, their decision should be based on one thing — what is best for residents of Robeson County.That is not to say the decision is easy; there are many factors in the equation that need to be considered, and some have not been made public, such as the price that the park would pay for the land, or what would be involved in a land swap.

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Ryan plan puts US back on track

This week, I heard from countless constituents concerned with Washington’s out-of-control spending and unsurmountable debt. I’d like to share a letter I received from a constituent in Concord:“My wife and I are most concerned about the huge and growing debt the U.S. has accrued. I urge you and Congress to do what is necessary to cut government spending as necessary to get rid of the deficit. Ronald Reagan said it best when he said the problem with U.S. government ...

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Common Core fails as one size doesn’t fit all

To the Editor,One size doesn’t fit all as far as education is concerned. We all learn on different pages and at different rates. One student will not learn the same way that another learns. All of us are different and cannot be lumped together and moved at the same pace, physically, mentally, emotionally or spiritually.Common Care can be linked to Obamacare in that both want the exact goal and standards for everyone. Both ideas have been tried and are identical fai...

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Tribe’s actions disrespect Lumbee elders, youths

To the Editor,The heart and soul of a people are found in how those people treat their old and their young.Since 2006, the Lumbee Tribal Administration has paid for our tribal elders to participate in statewide activities, events, celebrations, and competitions. In all of these, our Lumbee elders have been outstanding and even award-winning ambassadors.Recently,under the direction of Paul Brooks and Tony Hunt, the administration told our 40-member Lumbee Triba...

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