Man charged in arson that gutted home

First Posted: 1/13/2014

PEMBROKE — A 26-year-old Pembroke man has been charged with setting a fire that destroyed a Melissa Drive home — the third blaze set there following a dispute over a money order and a few slices of pizza, according to Lt. Brian Duckworth, arson investigator with the Robeson County Sheriff’s Office.

Patrick Warren Privette was arrested Sunday and charged with burning other structures, burning personal property and felony break and entering for a fire that broke out around midnight on April 21, 2013. The home belongs to Steven Wayne Jones, who lives there with his girlfriend, Karen Cashwell and two children.

Privette, who lives on the 5000 block of Union Chapel Road, confessed to the crime on Sunday, Duckworth said. Interviews with witnesses who saw Privette doing donuts outside the home lead investigators to him.

Privette is being held at the Robeson County Detention Center under a $12,000 secured bond.

Privette’s sister, 19-year-old Katherine Privette, and her boyfriend, John Casey Caulder, 21, were previously charged with first-degree arson, burning other structures, burning personal property and injury to personal property for a fire at the same home on Dec. 15, 2012, Duckworth said. They live with Privette.

Cashwell and her daughters were inside the home when the back porch began to burn at about 5 a.m. on Dec. 15 .The fire spread, engulfing a pool, a storage building and three cars, said Duckworth. Caulder and Privette were also charged with slashing the tires on two vehicles. Tests showed an accelerant was used.

Shortly afterward, Cashwell went to stay with family in Cumberland County, Duckworth said. While she was gone, the beds inside the home were set on fire, on April 3, 2013. No one has been charged with breaking into the home or setting that fire, Duckworth said.

According to Duckworth, conflicts among the group began in 2012 after Cashwell misused a money order purchased by Caulder. Tension came to a head when Cashwell gave away some pizza she did not pay for at a party, Duckworth said.

Duckworth said he expects to make more arrests in the April 3 and April 21 fires. Anyone with information should call the Robeson County Sheriff’s Office at 910-671-3100.

Privette was previously charged with setting a fire that destroyed a home on Richland Drive on Sept 22, 2013. He and his 35-year-old girlfriend, Wanda Faye Hunt, were charged with burning the home, three counts of breaking and entering, two counts each of larceny and two counts each of injury to real property, Duckworth said.

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