Spend money in the classroom first, then on athletic venues

First Posted: 3/14/2014

To the Editor,

Concerned Robesonians are asking why is Lumberton High School getting a $200,000 makeover for a weight room and where is this money coming from?

Why are we not supporting our teachers with this $200,000? How many of the school board members are affiliated with Lumberton High School? Is there another $300,000 being used to build a new softball field while the existing softball field will be converted into a practice field for football?

Red Springs High School received funds last year to improve its weight room. I think it was a total of $70,000. But I was appalled at that also — and I am from Red Springs.

We do not need to spend this kind of money in weight facilities when only a few sports-motivated students will be using it. We do not need to be building stronger bodies when our children’s minds are being lost because of lack of educators, books, computers — the necessities in the classroom. Students are expected to excel in today’s society with a minimum dollar spent towards their education.

I am not knocking sports. I love watching games, but I love watching students graduate and continue in the world with a solid education also. One thing is for sure. All children will be students, but not all students will be athletes.

I say redo Lumberton High School’s’ weight room, but not with a $200,000 budget. Red Springs High awaits its baseball and softball fields. We are the only high school in the county — if I am not mistaken — that does not have either. And when we start construction, I will be there asking about the dollar amount and where the money came from and how much is tax payer vs. donor vs. volunteer. Our students and teachers are more important than a weight room or baseball or softball field.

We deserve to have some answers. We are the taxpayers in Robeson County.

Jeff McNeill

Red Springs

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