Former mayor hosts new radio show about Fairmont’s history

First Posted: 2/6/2014

FAIRMONT — Charles Kemp, the former mayor of Fairmont and current co-curator of the Border Belt Farmers Museum on Thompson Street, is hosting a new weekly radio program entitled “Forever Fairmont.”

The show, which premiered Saturday on Christian station WSTS 100.9 The Cross, features stories plucked from the town’s extensive history.

“I am very proud that I can give listeners the rare opportunity to hear about the ‘good old days’ from the folks who were there when it all happened, or at least some of it,” Kemp said.

Kemp plans to interview a variety of guests with personal or professional connections the town’s past, including farmers, tobacconists, auctioneers, textile workers and owners, educators, bankers, church officials, and sports figures.

“This radio show is but a small part of our overall strategy to let as many as possible know of the long and proud history of our community,” said Kemp, a lifelong Fairmont resident who served as mayor for eight years.

“My goal is to bring back the memories you may have of an earlier time in your life. For locals or former residents of Fairmont, the shows are going to bring back tons of memories, I’m sure.”

The 15-minute show airs each Saturday at noon.

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