Cinema Four converts to discount theater

First Posted: 1/8/2014

LUMBERTON — The Cinema Four on North Roberts Avenue was converted to a discount movie theater on Saturday.

The theater is one of two multiplexes in Lumberton operated by 701 Cinemas, a company based in Fayetteville.

As part of its new business model, the theater will offer bargain-priced admission to second-run films — movies that have been in theatrical circulation for a few weeks. The company’s other theater, Town And Country Four on Fayetteville Road, will continue to show first-run films at the regular cost of admission.

“This is all made possible by the graduated rental fee scale that theater owners pay to the production studios,” David Abraham, director of operations for 701 Cinemas, said in a statement. “When new movies are released, most of the revenue from each ticket sold is paid to the production studio, and theaters are forced to rely on good concession sales to survive. Rental fees are gradually reduced every couple of weeks after a movie is released.”

Ticket prices will range from $2.50 for matinee screenings and $3.50 for films shown after 5 p.m. Ticket prices had been $5 for shows before 5 p.m and $7 afterward.

In addition to recently released movies, the theater will host classic films and introduce a loyalty club program for patrons.

“The two theaters combined should result in some great entertainment options for moviegoers in Lumberton and surrounding areas,” Abraham said.

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