Orrum resident disappointed with Animal Control’s response

August 27, 2013

To the Editor,

On Monday, Aug. 26, at approximately 7 p.m. I placed a call to the Robeson County Sheriff Department to be forwarded to Robeson County Animal Control.

The officer from Animal Control called me back promptly. However, when I said the case was about my neighbor’s dog that has been tied to a tire in their front yard with no apparent food or water, and that he had dragged the tire into my front yard where my children play, he stated that Animal Control did not respond to this sort of call.

With the outbreak of rabies cases in Robeson County in the past months, you would think that Animal Control would take interest in clearly unattended animals. It astounds me that a county Animal Control officer would so clearly disregard his duties by not only saying that he would not respond to this call, but would not investigate the case of animal cruelty that is being reported.

I have made reports to the Robeson County Animal Control office in the past, reporting an after-hours officer and his negligence in his duties, to which a supervisor called back with an attitude. Apparently nothing was done about this situation since once again I’m having to deal with the negligent officer.

William Hyatt