County officials thankful for teamwork during storm

February 14, 2014

To the Editor,

On behalf of the Robeson County Board of Commissioners and Administration, this is a sincere thank you to show our appreciation and gratitude to all local municipalities, local agencies, state agencies, emergency management teams, county departments and law enforcement for their efforts of sustaining Robeson County during the inclement weather events to date.

The recent inclement weather brought an excessive amount of snow, freezing rain and ice to our community. This placed an extreme hardship on businesses and residents having to endure hazardous road conditions, power outages and potentially dangerous situations that affected everyone.

All of our local law enforcement and the N.C. Highway Patrol coordinated well with Emergency Management, Emergency Management Services, 911 Communications and Sheriff’s Department in the precautionary planning of public safety and post events of the winter storm. Communication was effective and we followed their lead verbatim to ensure the safety of citizens.

Public Schools of Robeson County and the American Red Cross were on-hand daily to give guidance on public safety and to provide disaster relief resources to our Emergency Management Team. This support was essential as winter storm conditions can escalate from cautious to extremely dangerous quickly.

Duke Power, Lumbee River EMC and City of Lumberton were attentive to the needs of restoring power to critical public safety and medical facilities. These suppliers of utilities were responsive to repairing major power lines and substations that serve a large number of customers.

Overall, thank you for the effort and hard work expended by all during the recent inclement weather. It was wonderful to see all of these units work together as one team for the safety of Robeson County and its citizens.

Ricky Harris

Robeson County manager