Southeastern Health honors employees

SeHealth honors employees

Courtesy photo Addie Caple, left, was honored for 45 years of service and Cynthia George for 40 years at a recent banquet hosted by Southeastern Health.

LUMBERTON — One-hundred-and-43 employees and 26 retirees were honored recently at Southeastern Health’s annual service awards banquet.

Susan Hayes, Southeastern Health’s administrators and employee Services director, presented service pins and plaques during the after-dinner ceremony held June 30 in Southeastern Regional Medical Center’s dining room. ices staff.

The Rev. Herbert Lowry, of Chestnut Street United Methodist Church, was the keynote speaker for the evening and a vocal performance was presented by Southeastern Health communications employee Chad Barnes.

Employees celebrating a five-year anniversary milestone of 15 or more years were honored at the ceremony. Former employees who retired during 2015 were also recognized. More than 2,200 employees work on Southeastern’s main campus and affiliated agencies.

Addie Caple (Food Services) was honored for 45 years of service.

Honored for 40 years of service were: Cynthia Carlyle (Gibson Cancer Center) of Bladenboro; Pamela Edge (SeRA); Cynthia George (Nursing Service) of Chadbourn; Stanley Locklear (Behavioral Health Services); Meris Locklear (Environmental Services); Henry Oxendine (Engineering Services); and Laura Powell (WoodHaven) of Marietta.

Receiving 35 year pins were: Sara Bennett (Rehab Services); Stancil Brooks (Engineering Services); Cathy Hardee (Southeastern Hospice House); Linda Ivey (WoodHaven) of Proctorville; James Jones (Engineering Services) of Shannon; Susan Locklear (Laboratory) of Fayetteville; Beana Lovette (Health Info Mgmt); Claudette McCallum (Pulmonary Services); Henrietta McLean (Nursery) of Fairmont; Gloria Nance (Revenue Cycle) of Bladenboro; Manie Root (Laboratory) of Bladenboro; and Deborah Taylor (Southeastern Spine and Pain) of Bladenboro.

Recognized for 30 years of service were: Tammara Abernathy-Jones (Educational Services); Albert Andrews, II (Medical Imaging) of Fairmont; Vickie Atkinson (Southeastern Home Care Services); Jeanie Bernicki (Laboratory); Mario Douglas (Central Transport) of Red Springs; Carol Epps (Process Excellence) of Latta, SC; Gladys Hayes (Southeastern Health Heart and Vascular) of Whiteville; Susan Locklear (Lumberton Medical Clinic) of Rowland; Loretta Lowery (Health Info Mgmt) of Red Springs; Emily Milstead (Nursery); Woodie Nye (Care Management); Laura Shook (Infusion) of Red Springs; Glenn Walker (Engineering Services); Nancy Ward (Revenue Cycle); and Karen Whitmer (Pharmacy).

Honored for 25 years of service were: Leah Byrd (Southeastern Home Medical Equipment); Margie Cain (Southeastern Home Care Services) of Bladenboro; Loretta Campbell (Food Services); Deborah Connor (Revenue Cycle) of Proctorville; Lydia Floyd (Environmental Services) of Fairmont; Peggy Inman (Physician Services) of Evergreen; Shelly Ivey (WoodHaven); Vice President Thomas Johnson, III (Administration); Sharon Lawson (CAP); Eric Locklear (Pharmacy); Delores Locklear (Southeastern Transition Clinic) of Red Springs; Tammy Lynch (Food Services); Shirlene Miles (3-Tower) of Rowland; Mary Mitchell (WoodHaven); Sonia Moore (Health Info Mgmt) of Fairmont; Beverly Norton (WoodHaven); Demetrics Oxendine (Pulmonary Services) of Pembroke; Chandra Page (Revenue Cycle) of Fairmont; Johnny Pasanen (Central Transport); Phillip Stephens (Emergency Services) of Fairmont; David Striblin (Supply Chain Mgmt); Walter Taylor (Laboratory); Tammy Von Taborsky (SeRA); and Paula Wheeler (Nursing Service) of Fairmont.

Recognized with 20 year pins were: Kim Bazemore (WoodHaven) of Fayetteville; Larissa Beasley (CAP); Claudia Bolton (Labor Pool) of Lumber Bridge; Sherry Boyd (Central Services); John Braswell (Laundry) of Rowland; Anthony Carter (Operating Room) of Spring Lake; Dean Carter (Pastoral Care Services) of McDonald; Faith Ferguson (Southeastern Surgical Center) of St. Pauls; Jack Galberth (Laboratory) of Raeford; Sheila Grainger (Laboratory); Gwendolyn Hammond (Clinical Decision Unit) of Cerro Gordo; Melinda Hedgpeth (Health Info Mgmt); Yvonne Hutchinson (Clinical Decision Unit); Linda Leggett (Revenue Cycle); Latosha Locklear (Administration); Dollie Lowery (The Clinic at Walmart) of Rowland; Max Mahlke (Pharmacy) of Fayetteville; Cindy McNair-Whitted (7-Tower); Judy Morant (CAP); Juanita Pait (Patient Access); Peggy Sampson (Health Info Mgmt); Laura Sellers (Labor Pool) of St. Pauls; Vice President David Sumner (Administration); Patricia Troy (Central Services); Tracey Wheeler (WoodHaven) of Red Springs; and Dorothy Williams (Obstetrics).

Honored for 15 years of service were: Patricia Baker (6-Tower); Vernida Baldwin (4-Tower) of Clarkton; Sherry Brayboy (Central Services) of Rowland; Betty Breeden (4-Tower); Amy Britt (Medical Imaging) of Fairmont; Arlene Britt (Behavioral Health); Kimberly Britt (Lumberton Medical Clinic) of St.Pauls; Margie Bullock (WoodHaven); Carrie Cain (IV Therapy) of Harrells; Anthony Campbell (6-Tower) of Fairmont; Grace Carroll (Information Technology) of Red Springs; James Carroll (Pharmacy) of Wilmington; Gary Carter (Safety and Security); Tara Chavis (Laboratory); Angeleen Collins (Southeastern Medical Clinic Rowland) of Pembroke; Cathy Conley (3-Tower) of St. Pauls; Melissa Davis (Emergency Services) of St. Pauls; Stanley Dean (Safety and Security) of St. Pauls; Connie Freeman (Endoscopy) of Lake Waccamaw; Freda Grimsley (SeRA); Edwina Hogan (Customer Relations) of St. Pauls; Annette Hunt (Southeastern Medical Clinic Fairmont) of Fairmont; Lisa Hunt (Lumberton Medical Clinic) of Maxton; Tena Hunt (Medical Imaging) of Shannon; Sherena Jones-Larson (7-Tower) of Rowland; Mark Kinlaw (Engineering Services);Peggy Leonard (3-Tower) of Fairmont; Charles Lewis (Rehab Services); Melina Locklear-Kamaka (Medical Imaging) of Shannon; Shirley Lowe (Labor Pool); Tiana Lowery (Southeastern Health Heart and Vascular) of Red Springs; Edrena McKenzie (Food Services) of Maxton; Tarchie McLeod (Southeastern Health Heart and Vascular); Linda McMillan (Clinical Decision Unit); Sheila Mickles (Revenue Cycle) of Rowland; Sheila Mitchell (Medical Staff Support) of Hope Mills; Walter Neal, Jr., M.D. (Southeastern Women’s Healthcare); Frances Nobles (6-Tower) of Pembroke; Margie Oxendine (6-Tower); Ann Parker (Emergency Services) of Fairmont; Teresa Parnell (Customer Relations); Pamela Pittman (Pharmacy); Joyce Ransom (WoodHaven) of Whiteville; Glenda Revels (Southeastern Urgent Care Pembroke) of Pembroke; Adrienne Robinson (Labor Pool) of Fairmont; Sylvia Saint-Amand (Pharmacy) of Fayetteville; Debra Simmons (Labor Pool) of Bladenboro; Patricia Singletary (Southeastern Spine and Pain) of Bladenboro; Sandra Smith (4-Tower); Jackie Spivey (Medical Imaging) of Fayetteville; Yolanda Spivey (3-Tower) of Hope Mills; Sabrina Squires (Employee Services) of Kelly; Shelby Sweat (WoodHaven); Donald Thomas (Southeastern Home Medical Equipment); Johnnie Thompson (Safety and Security); Jon Thorsten (Medical Imaging); Elizabeth Thorsten (Supply Chain Mgmt); and Geneva Worley (Food Services).

Retiring in 2015 were: Ava Brisson of Bladenboro, 19 years; Bette Gambrell, 18 years; Brenda Hall, 13 years; Charles Woolley of Tar Heel, 23 years; Delma Anchors, 30 years; Eugenia Colletti of Red Springs, 38 years; Gladys Paul, 34 years; Hezzie Britt, 12 years; Jean Harrell, 20 years; Jean Lewis of Fairmont, 26 years; Jean Singletary, 20 years; Johnsie Johnson, 21 years; Katherine McGinness of Fayetteville, 21 years; Margaret Standifer, 18 years; Margie Floyd, 21 years; Marlene Edwards, 24 years; Marsha Lewis of Rowland, 38 years; Mary Buie of Fairmont, 44 years; Mary Dial of Red Springs, 13 years; Mittie Wooten, 8 years; Peggy Brewington, 8 years; Sara Lovett, 9 years; Susan Kerr, 20 years; Wanda Cook of Proctorville, 40 years; Willa Coleman, 16 years; and William Gutekunst, 20 years.

Courtesy photo Addie Caple, left, was honored for 45 years of service and Cynthia George for 40 years at a recent banquet hosted by Southeastern Health. photo Addie Caple, left, was honored for 45 years of service and Cynthia George for 40 years at a recent banquet hosted by Southeastern Health.
SeHealth honors employees
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