SeHealth honors 125 employees for service

Staff Report

LUMBERTON — One hundred and twenty-five employees were honored March 2 at Southeastern Health’s annual service awards banquet.

Administrators and Employee Services Director Susan Hayes presented plaques and gift certificates during the after-dinner ceremony held in Southeastern Regional Medical Center’s dining room. Attendees made dinner selections from a variety of entrees prepared by Southeastern Health’s Food and Nutrition Services staff.

Arnold West, a Lumberton business owner, was the keynote speaker for the evening. A video produced by Southeastern Health’s Public Relations department chronicling efforts by employees and providers throughout Hurricane Matthew was shown.

Employees celebrating a five-year anniversary milestone of 15 or more years received service pins and plaques. More than 2,200 employees work on Southeastern’s main campus and affiliated agencies.

Following is a list of honored employees, with the department in which the person works behind the name. Employees are residents of Lumberton except where noted.

Freda Pitman, Learning & Special Development, was honored for 40 years of service.

Serving the organization for 35 years are Elizabeth P. Ammons, Lab, of Fairmont; Martha J. Ammons, Pharmacy Care Clinic, of Evergreen; Norma F. Bullock, Financial Services; W. Reid Caldwell Jr., Administration; Janet J. Hester, Gibson Cancer Center, of Elizabethtown; Vanessa K. Hunt, WoodHaven), of Pembroke; Cathy K. Jackson, Pulmonary Services, of St Pauls; James K. Jacobs, Laundry, of Rowland; Jean H. McDonald, Switchboard/Reception, of Whiteville; Ann W. McLean, Marketing; Alice G. Richardson, 7-Tower; Carol Sacry, Information Technology; and Bernice S. Wilson, Patient Access, of Bladenboro.

Employees with 30 years of service are Elizabeth J. Andrews, ICU, of Bladenboro; Anglia Carter, Environmental Services; Carla J. Gibson, Surgical Services; Patricia E. Gilmore, Health Information Management, of Parkton; Linda G. Hunt, Southeastern Hospice House, of Pembroke; Amanda G. Jackson, Utilization Management, of Bladenboro; Karen A. Kay, Engineering & Facility Management; Elizabeth A. Kirschling, Risk Management; June Page, Information Technology; Beatrice M. Pipkin, WoodHaven, of Pembroke; Kelvin K. Sampson, Southeastern Medical Clinic Rowland; Gladys A. Scott, Food & Nutrition Services; Lora C. Stone, Laboratory; Gloria A. Wiggins, Pharmacy; and Kimberly A. Wright, Patient Access, of Pembroke.

Those working for the organization for 25 years are Gayle G. Bergstresser, Customer Relations; Cynthia S. Branch, Information Technology; James A. Brown, C. A. P., of Pembroke; Kelly C. Bryant, Surgical Services, of Bladenboro; Audrey L. Cox, Clinical Informatics; Denise S. Davis, Physician Services; Wanda N. Faircloth, Southeastern Medical Clinic Gray’s Creek; Caroline S. Glus, Process Excellence, of Fayetteville; Maryland P. Green, Food & Nutrition Services, of Fairmont; Anthony F. Guess, Behavioral Health Services; Miranda H. Hammonds, Southeastern Urology Clinic; Mamie K. Hughes, Emergency Services, of Hope Mills; Sherry S. Inman, ICU, of Evergreen; Denise E. Jacobs, Southeastern Medical Clinic Red Springs, of Pembroke; Norma Y. Jacobs, Rehab Services-Pembroke, of Rowland; Bobbie G. Jones, Pulmonary Services, of Pembroke; Doris M. Locklear, Physician Services; Janel B. Long, Laboratory, of Raeford; Michael A. Martin, Emergency Services, of Chadbourn; Vickie C. Mincey, 3-Tower; Victoria S. Prevatte, Surgical Services; Angela D. Reeves, Revenue Cycle; Jenny L. Robinson, Maternal/Child Health Services, of Whiteville; Pamela Strickland, Southeastern Medical Clinic Fairmont, of Fairmont; Angela P. Taylor, Southeastern Home Medical Equipment; Camille L. Villagomez, Physician Services; of Bladenboro; Elizabeth F. Wicker, Pharmacy, of Hope Mills; Danita G. Wilkes, IV Therapy, of Maxton; and Nellie M. Windom, Supply Chain Management, of St. Pauls.

Employees working for SeHealth for 20 years are Susan H. Barnes, Revenue Cycle, of Orrum; Jacqueline M. Bullock, Revenue Integrity, of St. Pauls; Linda L. Chavis, Maternal/Child Health Services, of Fairmont; Doris R. Davis, Maternal/Child Health Services, of Bladenboro; Janet A. Gutekunst, Health Information Management, of Southport; Jannie L. Jones, Medical Imaging; Keith Kinlaw, Engineering & Facility Management; Felicia Locklear, Environmental Services, of Red Springs; Gloria J. Locklear, Woodhaven; Anjanette McDonald, Southeastern Lifestyle Fitness Center Red Springs, of Red Springs; Charlotte L. McLellan, Maternal/Child Health Services, of Orrum; Melinda Mitchell, Physician Services Billing, of Rowland; Beverly Oxendine, Environmental Services, of Pembroke; Robin C. Richardson, 3-Tower; Elizabeth P. Stokes, Medical Imaging; and Mary L. White, C. A. P., of Elizabethtown.

Those who have worked for the organization for 15 years are Audrey D. Autry, Southeastern Medical Clinic St. Pauls, of St. Pauls; Maria C. Aytona, Rehab Services, of Hope Mills; Lisa A. Bodnar, 4-Tower, of Maxton; Malina O. Brayboy, ICU, of Pembroke; Lisa Britt, Labor Pool, of Orrum; Penny J. Britt-Musselwhite, Southeastern Wound Healing Center; Winnett J. Callahan, Emergency Services, of Orrum; Linda M. Carpenter, Physician Services Billing; of Red Springs; Joan C. Carter, Receptionist/Greeter Services, of Pembroke; Margaret A. Carter Environmental Services, of Shannon; Helena Chavis, Labor Pool, of Rowland; Jennifer L. Cox, Food & Nutrition Services, of Wilmington; Dennis C. Davis, Health Information Management; Viola S. Davis, Medical Imaging, of Maxton; Lynda H. Derzanski, Care Management, of Bladenboro; Michelle Floyd, Medical Imaging, of Fairmont; Isidora Gallardo, WoodHaven Rehab; Leigh A. Gomez, Surgical Services; Gwendolyn J. Guyton, Financial Services, of Bladenboro; Gina F. Hunt, Engineering & Facility Management, of Fairmont; Mary J. Ivey, Labor Pool; Betty C. Jacobs, Surgical Services; Michael L. Jacobs, Food & Nutrition Services; Bridget R. Jones, Receptionist/Greeter Services, of Fairmont; Paula F. Key, Maternal/Child Health Services, of Rowland; James A. King, Information Technology, of Hamer; Wayne H. King, Medical Imaging; Frances M. McGee, Laundry; Jennifer W. Moody, Southeastern Urology Clinic; Roger Nicosia, Rehab Services), of Hope Mills; Christine H. Pittman, Southeastern Radiological Associates; Kimberly K. Pittman, Medical Imaging, of Bladenboro; Vickie A. Rising, Revenue Cycle; Natalie G. Russ, Emergency Services, of Bladenboro; Sayfried Sinclair, Environmental Services; Angela Y. Smith, 4-Tower, of Raeford; April W. Smith, Utilization Management; Magenta L. Smith, 3-Tower, of Fairmont; Gina S. Stephens, Cardiac Decision, of Fairmont; Kimberly A. Stewart, Receptionist/Greeter Services; Anita L. Thurman, Acute Care Services, of Whiteville; Selina M. Tino, Safety & Security; Barbara G. Walters, Food & Nutrition Services; Ellen J. Walters, Surgical Services; Laura N. Welch, Southeastern Orthopedics, of Bladenboro; Mattie G. Whitted, ICU; Anna B. Wilkerson, Utilization Management; Suzanne P. Wilkerson, Gibson Cancer Center, of Orrum; Lori A. Williams, Laboratory, of Chadbourn; Pamela W. Williams, Surgical Services; and Ann L. Windom, Utilization Management.

Staff Report

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