NC Civil Air Patrol to conduct statewide search and rescue exercise

Staff Report

BURLINGTON — The North Carolina Wing of the Civil Air Patrol is conducting a major statewide search and rescue training exercise on Saturday.

During the training, the Civil Air Patrol will conduct responses to events such as natural disasters, missing aircraft, missing persons and other emergency services assistance situations.

Approximately 14 aircraft and 100 CAP members from around the state will comprise ground teams, air crews, and mission base teams to conduct various emergency responses. CAP will also utilize its teen-aged cadet members in support operations such as communications, mission base operations, ground search and rescue teams, and aircraft flight-line activities under the guidance of experienced adult members.

The N.C. Wing of Civil Air Patrol has a total of 33 squadrons across the state. In 2015, the N.C. Wing was credited with two lives saved and 11 search-and-rescue finds.

Fayetteville area CAP squadrons include the Sandhills Senior Squadron located at 221 Airport Road in Fayetteville and the Fayetteville Composite Squadron located on Pope Army Airfield. For volunteer membership information, contact Capt. Kenneth Currie at

Staff Report

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