BOE to hold hearing Friday on Pembroke race

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LUMBERTON — A hearing to determine whether any ballots cast in the March Pembroke mayoral race need to be thrown out has been scheduled for Friday.

G.L. Pridgen, director of the Robeson County Board of Elections, said county elections officials during the 10 a.m. meeting will review evidence from the state Board of Electrics regarding whether people who voted in the mayor’s race lived in Pembroke town limits. The March election was held, at the request of the state board, to re-do a tainted election in November.

A discrepancy between what the county considers Pembroke’s boundaries and what the town considers its own limits has made it unclear whether some voters were eligible to cast ballots in the race.

At the end of May, the state Board of Elections ruled that the Robeson County Board of Elections would have to resolve a protest filed by mayoral candidate Allen Dial. Dial, who was six votes behind Greg Cummings in the March do-over election, had challenged the eligibility of about 30 voters. After hearing the protest, state board members questioned the status of about seven voters who live in three homes.

Pridgen said once the hearing is concluded, it’s likely the county will forward its findings back to the state.

The hearing will be held at the Robeson County Board of Elections.

Staff Report

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