Trash pickup getting back on schedule

By Michael Gellatly -

LUMBERTON — Hurricane Matthew not only made a mess, it has made cleaning it up difficult as trash collection across the county is behind.

In Lumberton, garbage collection will resume on Monday, according to Rob Armstrong, director of Public Works.

“Because they missed a week they are going to allow for customers to put other garbage they have in other containers — the recycling container and leaf and limbs container — on the street and they will service them all as garbage pickup,” Armstrong said.

Armstrong cautioned, however, because of flood streets the trucks might not be able to reach some areas.

The city plans to begin collecting debris; brown goods, like furniture; and white goods, like appliances, after next week. Crews have already been out picking up limbs and debris as utility repairs are made.

In Pembroke, trash collection has been going on this week. The town’s contractor, Pembroke Waste Collection, has been trying to pick up on its normal schedule, but there have been delays, according to Town Manager Tyler Thomas. Normal service will be resumed from Monday.

Robeson County’s Solid Waste stations opened Thursday, with all 30 compactor sites operating, according to County Manager Ricky Harris.

Robeson County does not do curbside pickup, either residential or commercial, but depends on people to carry trash, garbage and debris to Dumpster sites scattered throughout the county. The sites are being emptied and the garbage and trash being taken to the county landfill in St. Pauls.

According to Fairmont Town Manager Katrina Tatum, trash is piling up as its contractor for those services, Waste Management, has some trucks disabled because of flooding.

St. Pauls Town Manager J.R. Steigerwald said trash is being picked up, but that removing all the storm debris will take time. The pickup schedule was delayed one day this week, but should be on normal schedule next week.

Yard debris from the storm is being picked up “one pile at a time,” Steigerwald said.

According to Red Springs Mayor John McNeill, the streets are clear other than a few downed trees. Any debris that has been moved to the curb has been removed.

“In 90 percent of the town we are clean, you wouldn’t even know a storm came through here,” McNeill said.

By Michael Gellatly

Reach Mike Gellatly on Twitter @MikeGellatly

Reach Mike Gellatly on Twitter @MikeGellatly


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