Crime report

Edward Jones, of East Sixth Street in Lumberton, reported Friday that someone broke into his residence and stole a Model 1938 Luger handgun, a fire safe, various collectible items, a birth certificate, two death certificates and an unknown number of rings. No estimated values for any of the items were listed on the incident report.

The following break-ins were reported to the Robeson County Sheriff’s Office.

Charles Thrash, of Southfork Road in Parkton; Terry Lowery, of Saddletree Road in Lumberton; Lee Cummings, of Red Hill Road in Maxton; Gregory Brayboy, of Rennert Road in Shannon; Willie Jacobs, of East White Pond Road in Fairmont; Elaias Bolivares, of Strother Drive in Red Springs; Jake’s Kwik Stop, of Deep Branch Road in Maxton; and Depcom, of McGirt Road in Maxton.


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