Suspicious fires investigated

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LUMBERTON — The investigation continues into a series of fires set recently in woods along Winston Road near Maxton, fire and law enforcement officials say.

“In one day we had four calls about multiple fires on that road,” said Brandon Oxendine, Smith’s Volunteer Fire Department chief.

The biggest fire burned about six acres of land, Oxendine said. He is not sure what caused the fires. He suspects it could have been someone riding all-terrain vehicles.

“Luckily we haven’t had any more calls about that location,” Oxendine said.

There are no known suspects at this time, said Major Anthony Thompson, of the Robeson County Sheriff’s Office. No outside agencies are involved in the investigation. The incident is being investigated by the Sheriff’s Office.

Anyone with information about the fires is asked to call the Sheriff’s Office at 910-671-3100

Staff Report


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