Colder temps, snow chance, in forecast

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LUMBERTON — Mother Nature has been teasing us with the prospect of an early spring, and no more freezing weather.

Now she is teasing us with the possibility of snow on Sunday.

One thing is certain, however, today, when the temperatures are expected to reach the mid-70s, will be the last of the balmy days until at least the middle of next week.

Temperatures are forecast to drop into the 30s on Friday night, and the high for Saturday, when wet stuff will arrive, will be in the 50s and in the 40s for Sunday, when more precipitation is guaranteed.

As always with Robeson County, the chance of rain depends on how cold it is here when the wet stuff arrives. The snow line, to the frustration of young people looking for a break from school, routinely ends just to the north and west of us. But fingers can be crossed.

Most likely the state to the west and north will see some accumulating snow from Friday night through the weekend. Precipitation over the Piedmont and central North Carolina on Friday evening could begin as a rain-sleet-snow mix before transitioning to mostly snow, depending on the precipitation’s arrival time. An earlier arrival would favor a longer period of rain while a later arrival would favor little to no rain at the onset.

The forecast calls for temperatures to bounce back into the low-50s on Monday and then begin a gradual warming trend in advance of spring, which arrives March 21.

Staff Report


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