Pit bulls that attacked woman negative for rabies

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PEMBROKE — A 63-year-old woman who was attacked by two pit bulls last week is still being treated for her injuries at UNC Hospitals, but there is no chance that she was exposed to the rabies virus.

Bill Smith, director of the Health Department, confirmed on Monday that the two animals that attacked Karen Coronado did not test positive for the fatal disease at a state lab. Neither of the dogs had proof of vaccination, so they had to be put down so that their brains could be use for testing.

There was no information on the injuries suffered by Coronado during the attack that occurred at about 2:30 p.m. Thursday at the home of Vinita Clark at 339 Juddie St. There had been some question about jurisdiction as Clark’s home is partly in Pembroke and partly in the county, but it was determined the attack was in the county and the investigation is being conducted by the Robeson County Sheriff’s Office.

There was no information today on if any charges have been filed.

Clark called The Robesonian today and told a reporter that the dogs belong to her sons, including one who was arrested last week and charged with trying to throw drugs inside the Robeson County Detention Center. She said Coronado was at her house returning a knife, and had been told not to get out of the vehicle, but did anyway. She said one of the dogs bit her when it “sensed danger” as Coronado held the knife.

Early during 2016 a pit bull attacked and killed a Lumberton child, prompting the city to adopt an ordinance targeting dogs deemed “vicious.” The ordinance, among other things, required that dogs deemed as a threat be registered with the city and the owner carry liability insurance.

A Pembroke woman lost an arm after being attacked last year by a pit bull.

Staff Report

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