Santos Baltazar, of Elizabethtown Road in Lumberton, and Efrain Romere, no address given, reported Sunday an armed individual assaulted them and stole an undisclosed amount of cash and a Samsung Galaxy Note 5. No value for the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 was recorded on the police report.

Cindy Jolly, of Crescent Street in Lumberton, reported Sunday someone broke into her residence and stole a flat screen television, five rings, various medications and a DVD player. No estimated values were given for the stolen items.

Stephanie Floyd, of Elizabethtown Road in Lumberton, reported Sunday that someone reached into her vehicle and stole her purse, which contained an undisclosed amount of cash, a bottle of medicine and her work badge.

Debenner Davis, of Lark Avenue in Lumberton, reported Sunday that someone broke into his friend’s vehicle while it was parked on Goubh Street in Lumberton, and stole a Glock 19 handgun, with extended ammunition magazine, he had left on the vehicle’s passenger seat. No estimated value for the handgun and magazine were recorded on the report.

The following incidents of assault with a deadly weapon were reported to the Robeson County Sheriff’s Office:

Tyshaun Callum, on N.C. 72 East in Lumberton; Royal Hardin, on Barber Shop Road in Lumberton; and Jeffrey Locklear, on Red Hill Road in Maxton.

The following break-ins were reported to the Robeson County Sheriff’s Office:

Teresa Bell, Russell Road in Shannon; Robeson County Housing Authority, Oxendine Court in Lumberton; Christina Beasley, of Eaglewood Loop in Lumberton; Mickey Locklear, LR&M Drive in Red Springs; Christopher Locklear, Casey Road in Pembroke; Gwendolyn Emanuel, Red Hill Road in Maxton; William Locklear, Jefferson Road in Maxton; and Lori Locklear, McQueen Road in Shannon.

Nakeisha Emanuel, of Jefferson Road in Maxton, reported Saturday to the Robeson County Sheriff’s Office that she was the victim of a home invasion and burglary.

The following incidents of motor vehicle theft were reported to the Robeson County Sheriff’s Office:

Sasha Smith, on Oakland Road in St. Pauls; Roy Singleton, in the St. Pauls area; Lakesha Miles, on Mitchell Road in Fairmont; and Lisa Jones, on Shinar Drive in Fairmont.


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