John C’s Fish Market bring fresh seafood to Lumberton

By Terri Ferguson Smith -

LUMBERTON — Seafood lovers have another option when looking for fresh fish in Robeson County.

John C’s Seafood Market opened in mid-August at its location at 1910 E. Elizabethtown Road in Lumberton. Cornelia McDonald, manager, said it’s all about freshness.

“We get fresh seafood in every week, on Mondays and on Wednesdays, fresh from the coast,” McDonald said.

Family owned and operated, John C’s is open on Mondays from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m.; and Wednesdays through Saturdays, from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. each day.

“We have fresh croakers and a few fresh spots that are starting to come in season,” McDonald said. “We have fresh bream, fresh flounder, black bass, popeye mullet, and tilapia.”

Most of the company’s seafood comes from the Hampstead area of the Carolina coastline, McDonald said.

Live blue crabs are currently selling well, she said.

“People love them,” McDonald said. “We keep them just about all year around.”

While the Lumberton location is new, McDonald has worked in the seafood business for about 20 years. Customers in this area are especially fond of fresh spots and croakers, she said.

“We have a few customers who like red snapper and shrimp,” she said. “If we don’t have it and it’s something that people request, we will do the best we can to get it.”

Fish arrive whole and customers can tell the staff how they want it cleaned and cut, McDonald said.

The company’s online menu includes: alligator; butter fish; catfish; clams; crabs; croakers; flounder; frog legs; frozen cod fillets; frozen flounder fillet; jars of oysters; shrimp; lobster tails; mussels; octopus; perch; red drum; red snapper; salmon; scallops; shark; speckled trout; squid; stuffed crabs; trout; whiting; blue fish; buffalo fish; crawfish, herring; oysters; rock bass; shad; and lobsters. The business will special order grouper and king mackerel.

John C’s has two locations in Fayetteville and another in Hope Mills. John C’s son, Isaiah Ford, has worked for the company for about 13 years said seafood markets like John C’s offer customers more variety and fresher products than grocery stores.

“We know that everybody wants what they want so we try to have it for them,” Ford said.

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By Terri Ferguson Smith

Reach Terri Ferguson Smith at 910-416-5865

Reach Terri Ferguson Smith at 910-416-5865

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