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To the Editor,

One size doesn’t fit all as far as education is concerned. We all learn on different pages and at different rates. One student will not learn the same way that another learns. All of us are different and cannot be lumped together and moved at the same pace, physically, mentally, emotionally or spiritually.

Common Care can be linked to Obamacare in that both want the exact goal and standards for everyone. Both ideas have been tried and are identical failures. Human beings are not like sheep that can be led in the same way by the same standard and on a daily basis. The end product is not a capable, thoughtful, thankful, creative citizen, but a robot.

The federal government wants to control every aspect of our lives. It has bribed and coerced states into allowing the feds to make all the rules and decisions that parents, grandparents, local officials, teachers and states should be making. Both Common Care and Obamacare have been polluted by so many ungodly laws and regulations that the creator cannot keep up with them.

The one phrase I have isolated is “Multiple ways to learning and doing.” The next thing that will be pushed down our children’s throats will be multiple ways that families are arranged and multiple ways of reaching heaven’s gates. Creative thinking has been thrown out the door and our children are supposed to leave school all knowing the same information without being able to apply it.

Socialism has the same outcome. As a matter of fact, Common Care comes by way of Russia. Our children are to be molded into one pattern and one pattern only. No deviation from the norms are acceptable. Look at the test scores. Failure is the result one sees from New York. Will our children be stamped with a made-in-America label?

Alceon B. Jones


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