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Can Christians be Democrats? The question seems ridiculous. But the Rev. William Barbour’s moral Monday protests create relevant questions concerning morality and politics these days.

Should we even be concerned as there are few political questions that are spiritual and most governmental policy is fair debate? Besides, twisting scriptural context makes debate unwinnable on either side. Not to mention studies reveal Christians are able to separate faith from politics.

One study conducted by Stanford University concluded liberals believe they deviate from Jesus on moral issues and conservatives believe they deviate from him on fellowship issues.

Truthfully, Jesus would be neither Democrat nor Republican. Though it could be successfully argued he was Libertarian. His focus was a spiritual kingdom, not an Earthly one. But there is a fight for him in both camps.

The Stanford study supports the view that Republicans are more religious and find it necessary to reconcile political views with faith. Republicans are continually criticized for this though and sometimes with merit. After all, it’s difficult to reconcile being champions of less government intrusion except for intrusion into bedrooms. That’s a fairer argument. Moral Monday protests are a greater stretch.

But if debating faith is sketchy, sincerity is not. Republicans make no apologies for mixing politics and faith. Democrats are less sincere.

The Democratic platform has inarguable moral deviations that contradict their feigned concern over political morality. Supporting abortion, gay marriage and even removing the word God from Democratic ideology are clear. It is also a matter of record that Republicans are defenders of prayer or public expressions of faith and Democrats rarely do so.

Democrats counter their clear deviations from Christian ideology with insincere analogies. They say Jesus would be a member of the Occupy movement. Republicans don’t want to help the poor or render to Caesar what is Caesar’s means taxation is good.

The answer is Jesus was concerned with individual motivations and didn’t defy government. He doesn’t even occupy our hearts without an invitation. He advocated cheerful givers, not taxation or government programs.

After all, government taking from one to give to another strips virtue from the transaction, leaving no moral value at best and theft at worst. Man cannot receive moral credit for what he is forced to do. God would be the best arbiter of such issues, not government. Besides, it’s hard to take Democrats seriously when they support abortion but their opponent’s failure to support more programs is somehow immoral.

Dr. Ben Carson noted there is something inherently fair about proportionality. Scripture doesn’t advocate a progressive tax. God demanded 10 percent from rich and poor alike. Democrats pretend to have a better plan than God.

Remember it was the Pharisees who liberally taxed with the thin veneer of religion. So while Jesus wasn’t a Republican or Democrat, he was at least a conservative tried by a liberal court.

Saul Alinsky is to blame. Democrats are following his playbook, “Rules for Radicals,” explicitly. Many do not realize it. He even dedicated his book to Lucifer. In 2008, Alinsky’s son bragged to a reporter that President Obama and Democrats were models of his father’s work.

In a nutshell, much of his strategies focus on deception and ridicule. He argued ridicule is more potent than reason. Alinsky was a master of deception, like the one to whom he dedicated his book. It is no surprise Democrats utilize his tactics to twist truth.

Calling good bad, and bad good is a trend of Biblical proportions. Republicans want you to keep your money and are somehow greedy. Democrats want to take your money and are somehow generous. It’s schizophrenic politics.

So while Jesus wasn’t a Republican and Democrats can certainly be Christian, a concerning truth is clear. The Democratic Party has been hijacked and we will miss them. Republicans are increasingly the last champions of God, country and freedom. Jesus would understand the plight of both.

Phillip Stephens is chairman of the Robeson County Republican Party.

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