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The liberal argument against voter ID took another hit recently. It was already tough to oppose election reform legislation, especially in Robeson County where it doesn’t take a degree in Political Science to see the fraud potential.

It’s just difficult to explain how validating a person’s identity is not a problem at the bank, video store, bar, airline, interacting with the government or joining a Moral Monday protest. But it’s somehow racist to suggest an ID to vote. Especially when almost every demographic overwhelmingly supports voter ID. Voting is a right, but everyone understands the need to ensure the integrity of that vote.

U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder went so far as to say such a requirement discriminates against the poor who may not have an ID. But wait. The ID is free and qualifying for government services requires an ID. Instead of suing North Carolina over voter ID, shouldn’t he be suing the federal government for also requiring ID? Either that or get on board helping folks who don’t have an ID get one so they can finally get the services they desperately need that come with an ID they don’t have. In reality, research indicates less than 0.5 percent of Americans don’t have an ID, as ID is so vital for everyday existence.

President Obama had no problem complying with voter ID in his home state. Though there are varying degrees of validation requirements, he won four out of 11 states that required ID when he was elected. Today 34 states require ID to vote.

The latest hit to liberal arguments though occurred when North Carolina released its findings made possible by the new election law. It was the first of its kind.

A crosscheck system with North Carolina revealed 155,692 voters were illegally registered in two states, voted in one and 35,750 voted in both. The study also found 13,416 dead people on the rolls and 81 had voter activity after their death.

Naturally, Democrats immediately responded to the news that the results were either coincidences or inefficiencies in the system. They’ve yet to explain how dead people voting is not evidence of fraud. Pew Research actually found 1.8 million registered dead voters nationwide.

The alarming thing is only 28 states participated in the cross check. This leaves 22 more states with potential voter problems and they are larger states as well.

Organizations such as “True the Vote” found 24 million invalid voter registrations and 2.75 million registered to vote in more than one state during their nationwide study. They also found 160 counties in 19 states with 100 percent registration. Think about the fraud potential in that one for a moment. The IRS allegedly targeted “True the Vote” last year, by the way. That was probably a coincidence.

A 2008 University of Missouri and a Brennan Center study both found no decrease in voter turnout or disenfranchisement across racial, ethnic and socio-economic strata after voter ID laws went into effect over multiple states. So liberals’ racist claims are clearly a diversion.

Notice liberals never vote for minority representatives in their own congressional districts. For example, districts such as San Francisco have white liberals representing them though they complain about these issues, while Black Republicans are always elected from majority white districts like J.C. Watts, Tim Scott or Allen West. Minority Democrats seem to only get elected from special minority districts. Therefore, if Black Republicans are simply conservative mouthpieces, then Rev. Barbour is unwittingly serving San Francisco liberals.

So while there is no evidence to support voter ID racism, there is plenty of evidence to support liberal voting racism. Maybe it’s a coincidence.

Arguments against voter ID are simply running out for Democrats. In Robeson there have already been election fraud investigations and more are coming. Republicans do agree with the Democrat argument though that voter ID isn’t a panacea, but it certainly doesn’t hurt.

It just makes you wonder if Democrats want to protect voting or fraud.

Phillip Stephens is chairman of the Robeson County Republican Party.

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