Be wary when politicians arrive asking for your vote

To the Editor,

When you elect people into office, they tend to forget that it was the people they asked to vote for them that put them into office. When elected officials no longer need your help for anything, you will not see them until the next election and they get a chance to fill their pockets again.

When you have issues that only the elected officials can handle, it becomes an issue for them to comply. My experience has been this: They get on the offense. They start flagging their hands as if to say I don’t have time for you. They lie to you because, apparently, they have been lied to. They try to pacify you by patching something that doesn’t mount up to a hill of beans, and every one is making excuses for excuses that excuses cannot find a root to.

Elections have come and gone and will be coming around again. What I know for sure is simply this: Be careful who you vote for. They are the only one putting money in their pocket, not you. When these elected officials come to your neighborhood to impose on you to support their candidate, don’t be blind, they are paid to do so. Run when you see them coming. Don’t agree to anything. Watch to see if the promises they made to you in the past have been fulfilled. Trust your instincts not theirs. Check out their records, personal and political.

I have been trying very hard to get work done in my neighborhood, but it appears that the councilman for this area has forgotten about this side of the city.

Please be careful who you vote for, this is not a joke. This is East Pines Mr. John Cantey.

Herlyn Mack



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