Fairmont commissioner says residents have right to protest Exit 10 annexation

To the Editor,

In The Robesonian article on Wednesday offering coverage of the Fairmont town board meeting, Commissioner Monte McCallum is quoted as saying “no one has blamed you” in referring to my earlier comments at the same meeting whenI stated that several citizens had informed me that they were told that “I was the reason that the Exit 10 annexation issue was stopped.”

Now unless I was dreaming or fabricated these comments they were indeed made to me along with their source, which I chose not to name publically. I pointed out that I voted for the initiative when it was introduced and further stated that I had never contacted any of our five legislators regarding this matter by phone, letter, or in person. I will continue to stand firm on this statement.

But, the main reason I write is to point out a simple observation. What if someone, or a number of citizens did in fact contact our legislators and question this annexation project. The first amendment of our Constitution guarantees them that right. Examples too numerous to be detailed here point to our nation’s long history of disagreement with government actions. Surely the promoters of this annexation would agree that, although the effort is progressive, there is still a place for possible disagreement and not criticize a citizen’s right to object.

I intend to stand by my earlier vote and support the satellite annexation initiative even after being accused of not doing so — and at the same time I will continue to hold fast to the principle that anyone in our nation, state, and town may object verbally or in writing to government actions when they disagree. This is the bedrock upon which we, as a nation, were founded.

Charles Kemp

Fairmont commissioner

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