Porter possesses the skills to aid Lumbee tribe as its administrator

To the Editor,

While I have not lived in Robeson County for almost four decades, I still have a keen interest in keeping up with the issues, events, controversies, achievements and just the plain general “news” taking place where I was raised. A primary source for getting this information is The Robesonian newspaper, simply because I don’t get an opportunity to get back home very often.

The above-mentioned publication has recently published information regarding an issue of substantial interest to me. Namely, the iemployment/potential employment of Dr. Freda Porter as the administrator for the Lumbee Tribe. I have known Dr. Porter since she was in the sixth grade at Prospect Elementary School. Even then, it was evident that she was destined to do be successful in whatever endeavors she chose to pursue. I have longed admired her substantial abilities and would simply offer an opinion that she would represent Chairman Harvey Godwin, the Tribal Council and, more importantly, the Lumbee Nation, very admirably in the role of tribal administrator.

I realize Dr. Porter’s skills, knowledge and abilities aren’t the primary stumbling blocks to her pathway to the administrator’s position. I am both hopeful and confident that Chairman Godwin — who I have held in very high regard ever since I coached him in high school — will continue to work closely with the Tribal Council to arrive at a “win-win” outcome related to this extremely important position. Indeed, I have also known many of the Tribal Council members all of my life and these individuals, I am sure, will do what is right to ensure a positive outcome for all concerned.

Ray Brayboy

Myrtle Beach, S.C.

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