RDL president says group wants what’s best for Lumberton

To the Editor,

While we certainly appreciate the editorial coverage in the Aug. 25 edition of the Robesonian, I feel that some clarification regarding Rediscover Downtown Lumberton as an organization needs to be made. RDL has been in existence for about three years. Our main goal is to assist the city of Lumberton in the area of revitalization. To say that we are a “not-always-easy-to-please bunch” denotes a negative tone. While every new organization has growing pains and bumps in the road, we are trying to be pro-active rather than re-active. Our group consists of positive, intelligent, and energetic citizens who want to see good things happen for Lumberton. The success of the new Performance Shelter is clearly a positive example of our efforts. With the city’s upcoming projects, we are very excited and motivated to help.

It should be remembered that our 12-member board of directors is a group of volunteers who give of their time and energy with no expectations of individual benefits or money. Our efforts during the past three years have called for a great deal of research and many hours spent in discussions and planning. We do these things because we care about our community. To say that we are “sometimes squeaky” sends the message that we may not always be about doing good things for our town. That is simply not true. If the editor means that the “squeaky wheel gets the oil”, then call us guilty for discussing and sharing ideas with our local government officials. The editorial also says that we are “always determined.” My response is that I certainly hope so. We are determined to help the city of Lumberton to provide an attractive, alluring downtown area to entice visitors and local citizens to enjoy the many qualities and benefits of our beautiful community.

Finally, we encourage the editor to attend any and all of our board meetings and general meetings. We had over 80 interested citizens at our general meeting last week. The air was filled with excitement and motivation to do good things for Lumberton. That is the very theme of RDL.

Richard H. Monroe


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