Time for Hillary to quit hiding,and to answer some questions

To the Editor,

North Carolina deserves answers from Hillary Clinton after the recent slew of bad headlines. Between hiding emails and giving her foundation donors preferential treatment, if nothing else is clear, it’s obvious something shady was taking place between the Clinton Foundation and the State Department while she was secretary of State.

There are about 70 days until the election and at some point Clinton much account for these developments if she to earn our votes. It seems the easiest solution to address the scandals plaguing Clinton’s campaign would be to put her in front of reporters and have her answer questions until there are none left to be asked. Certainly that would be a step in the right direction for someone who is already struggling to appear trustworthy.

Unfortunately for Clinton, failing to face the media will only make voters wonder even more what it is she might be hiding. It’s time for Clinton to stop hiding from public accountability and explain herself.

Brenda Pope


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