Pittenger’s racist comments not representative of Robeson

To the Editor,

If I may paraphrase Michelle Obama, I believe that holding office as an elected official does not change who you are, it reveals who you are. As that is the case, the recent claim by Republican 9th District Congressman Robert Pittenger when talking about the protesters in Charlotte that “they hate white people because white people are successful and they’re not,” reveals a lot about the man currently representing those of us here in Robeson County.

It reveals that Mr. Pittenger’s racist, bigoted and white supremacist language does not reflect my values. His comment by no means represents me, nor do I believe it represents the feelings and sensibilities of anyone else in Robeson County.

I realize that Mr. Pittenger later professed regret for his statement, however, I believe that one’s true nature becomes apparent when one is speaking passionately. I am shocked and appalled that the words of our sitting congressman could be so hateful.

Although we here in Robeson County have never had the opportunity to vote for Republican Robert Pittenger, he currently represents us in Congress. This being an election year, I want him to know that his callous remarks about African-Americans have been duly noted by this voter. I encourage other voters to take note also, and to vote accordingly.

Jef Lambdin


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