A Republican vote Nov. 8 is a vote or fear, hate, bigotry

To the Editor,

I gotta say something that’s weighing heavy on my heart. Donald Trump did not rise alone. The Republican Party was the instrument for putting an individual like Trump into play in competing to be president of the United States. The Republican Party must be made to accept full responsibility for its actions.

That being said when you vote on Nov. 8 remember the party that dehumanized women, insulted people with disabilities, denied heroism of our nation’s vets, engaged in racism, demonized people of different cultures and faiths, scolded a Gold Star mother, denied human rights to those created by God and fully intended to place our wives, sons, daughters, husbands, loved ones and family members on battlefields because Trump wanted to “bomb … someone”.

McCrory has made us The State Of Hate. His super majority Republican General Assembly has forced good educators out of our state. His neo-Nazi stances have cost the state and family dinner tables and homes $400 million.

If you are voting Republican for anyone on Nov. 8 and that includes Danny Britt for NC Senate, you are voting against the people of North Carolina and of America. North Carolina and Virginia are the places were America began. We didn’t begin in prejudice and nor should we exist today it.

The settlers of America failed to learn a lesson from Native America. Indian Country embraces all and judges none. I think a guy in a book called the Bible did the same thing. Follow a loving example be it native or the son of a Jewish carpenter and let’s make North Carolina stronger together.

Eric R. Locklear




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