Picks show Trump’s genuis

The media has completely missed the common denominators among Trump’s cabinet picks. Once you see it, you get it. Then you realize the brilliance. Trump is performing like a CEO rather than simply a politician.

Who does he put in charge of HUD but someone like Dr. Ben Carson, who is both brilliant and was raised in HUD projects. When Pelosi criticized the pick the answer was swift: How many housing projects has Pelosi lived in? Carson went from the projects to being a successful neurosurgeon. Trump put someone in charge who has been there and has a vested interest in fixing problems.

Trump selected Oklahoma Attorney General Scott Pruitt to lead the EPA. It is the very agency Pruitt has both criticized and sued as attorney general for EPA’s regulatory over reach. He’s a man who knows EPA grabs too much power and would love to fix it.

Gen. James Mattis is Trump’s pick for Secretary of Defense. Do you really have to explain the brilliance of appointing a former general with the nickname “Mad Dog,” who is well respected among soldiers? Everyone in the Department of Defense has tremendous respect for Mattis to the point that Democrats are backing off opposing him. Mattis has an interest in correcting inefficiencies there.

Betsy DeVos is the Secretary of Education pick. She’s a strong advocate for charter schools, school choice and believes Christianity should not be given a back seat to other religions. It’s like putting someone in charge of something they’ve always complained about, but suddenly given the chance to fix it. Plus she nor any of her fellow cabinet members can be bought. They are either set well for retirement or are independently successful. DeVos is from the founding Amway family.

It may even sound crazy that Trump picked Hardee’s CEO Andy Puzder for the Labor Department. For those who wonder as well, Puzder started out working for minimum wage, dipping ice cream at Baskin Robbins. He has been a vocal critic of how the Labor Department’s regulations stifle American industry. He says he can open a Hardee’s restaurant in Siberia, ,in half the time he can satisfy the regulations in California to open one. No joke, he’s telling the truth. Do you see how Trump is crazy like a fox?

The list goes on but the point should be clear. It is a pretty conservative list of leaders. They all must sign agreements not to become lobbyists in the future. They all have been critical of the very departments they will be soon lead and that’s the key to draining a swamp.

Trump is purposely putting people in place who have the most vested interests in fixing that area of government. It’s as if he is telling the most vocal critics of these divisions here is their chance to fix what they are complaining is broken.

Plus they are business people, not political people. Rex Tillerson emerged as the leading candidate for Secretary of State. John Bolton may be offered the deputy slot. Tillerson is set to retire as CEO from Exxon Mobil. He has no government experience. But Exxon does business in over 50 countries around the world. Tillerson has a business relationship with these countries rather than a political relationship. If you’ve ever wanted the country run like a business, Trump is heading in that direction.

Expect nationalism to replace the world globalism. Wall Street and big companies pushed for a global economy. They then shipped American jobs overseas and wages haven’t increased since. The economy has been stagnant while we still send money to other countries despite borrowing to support our own. Companies profited, workers lost.

The new administration will definitely bring a new paradigm to America because correcting things like NAFTA that devastated Robeson is important. The media is already frenzied. Trump is filling his administration with extraordinary leaders, not ordinary politicians.


Phillip Stephens in chairman of the Robeson County Republican Party.

Phillip Stephens in chairman of the Robeson County Republican Party.

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