‘GMA’ show failed to give credit to all deserving volunteers

To the Editor,

The excitement behind the “Good Morning America” show coming to Lumberton could be heard all over town, but what a disappointment on Thursday morning. Although the recognition of the four educators and the funds donated for Parkview Center was great, the citizens of Lumberton expected to see those who gave above and beyond what was expected to help the citizens of this community after that disaster.

As an educator, I don’t see where these ladies did anything other than what was expected as a part of their jobs. A big part of the segment had even been taped the day before. The director of the Parkview Center was not even invited to receive the check for that center, which is not attached to either of the schools highlighted.

Many citizens expected to see those volunteers who helped citizens get out of their homes at three in the morning, or those who met citizens that came out of the water in boats or on foot and provided them with towels, clothing, snacks, shoes, and sheets so that they could get out of wet clothes. There was no mention of the volunteers who made calls and assisted in helping families to find their loved ones. No mention of volunteers that provided food, water, cleaning supplies, clothing, and funds to help families find housing or travel to their loved ones in other cities. There was no mention of the hundreds of former Lumberton residents that brought supplies or mailed supplies from all over the country to help our neighbors.

When I read about the show coming to Lumberton, I expected to see the volunteers who really made a difference. Yes, my daughter and I joined others who stood in the cold to be a part of the “GMA” show and we like others were disappointed when we saw the show. No mention of us, no clips of those standing with signs, and most of all no mention of volunteers who really worked and sacrificed during those first days after Matthew.

Gwendolyn Roberts-Payne



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