Housing money should not be used for a pool, ballfield

To the Editor,

To those Lumbee who are defending spending federal housing funds of $600,000 to rehab the Cultural Center pool and $150,000 to build a stick ball field, I have some questions.

Where do you sleep at night?

Is it a safe and warm home?

Do you realize that not all of our tribal members have such and the money you want to dump into a pool and create a playing field is taxpayer money from the white man, black man, red man and yellow man to provide housing for your relatives, tribal members?

How do you explain to an elder or to a mother of children whose home leaks when it rains, is cold when frost is on the ground and is unbearable in the heat of summer that a game field is more important than a home?

Are you so far from the walk of Christ that you don’t give any credence to the plight of your neighbors?

Christ cared for all nations, why don’t you care simply for your own nation, the Lumbee?

If God struck you without a home today, would you value going to a swimming pool moreso than having a home?

The Bible says “love the neighbor.” Have you read the Bible that you carry to church every Sunday or do you carry one?

Do you realize that it is wrong to use the excuse of furthering native culture while abandoning the needs of our most at-risk tribal members?

Eric R. Locklear


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