Lumbee again allowing wrong people to lead

To the Editor,

There are folks who led the Lumbee Tribe to the Lewin Catastrophe and then said in the newspaper, “we didn’t read what we voted on, we just did it.”

These same individuals robbed tribal members of needed housing by paying themselves extravagant stipends that were prohibited by HUD and by engaging in excessive travel that HUD would also put a stop to.

During this same time of bad decision-making, Tribal Council members started building community centers and boys and girls clubs. After years of diverting housing funds to these places where no tribal members sleep at night, HUD again put a halt to Lumbee lunacy.

The Lumbee Tribal Administration and Tribal Council then began spending $1 million annually of housing funding for a boys and girls program that puts no nails in wood, does no drywall and has yet to put a roof over even one tribal member’s head.

In keeping with using housing money for everything except houses, Tribal Council members allowed excessive contract dollars to be paid to individuals employed by Tribal Administration that HUD again pronounced as prohibited.

I hate to be the Lumbee elephant in the room, but somebody has to. The Lumbee ask the question “Who’s Ya People” to determine associations, relationship and history. Have we forgotten who the people are who kept dragging Lumbee through the mud by misusing housing funds?

Now you are looking to these same people for guidance? Some of them were very instrumental in the Brooks recall and now they have amnesia of what they facilitated previously because they oppose the Godwin recall?

Why would you listen to people who have led you wrong previously and change their story dependent upon their personal agendas?

Tribal members supporting the Godwin recall tell me they have more than half the signatures needed. They have accomplished this in the face of what I see as an unjust Election Board, a manipulated Supreme Court and me not lifting a finger.

Tribal members opposing the Godwin recall are playing dirty pool and using the same crew that have misused housing money and Lumbee people before.

My wish is that the will of the Lumbee People be constitutionally and justly exercised.

Eric R. Locklear


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