Hit and miss

Officials with the Public Schools of Robeson County collectively hold their breath each year when the state releases information on the use of corporal punishment. Robeson County not only leads North Carolina each year, but by a substantial margin — and the report brings unwanted scrutiny to the system.The report is misleading — and requires a close examination for reliable conclusions to be drawn.

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Aaron, Carter and the KKK

Hank Aaron, the black former major-league baseball who in 1974 surpassed the home-run record held by Babe Ruth, an American icon who was white, recently reflected on that bittersweet time — sweet because the record finally was his, but bitter because America was exposed as a nation with too many bigots.Aaron’s reflection came in an article in USA Today on the 40th anniversary of the record 715th home run, which was achieved on April 8, 1974, before a crowd of 53,775 peo...

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Reading and right

In the summer of 2010, when news broke that the football program at the state’s flagship university was being investigated by the NCAA, officials at the University of North Carolina took an accommodating posture. Instead of mounting a public-relations defense, they beared the onslaught without a grin, apparently having made the decision that if they didn’t join the conversation, perhaps it would be shortened.

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Good deal for everyone

When trustees consider whether or not to sell or trade land at COMtech to the park so that is can be developed, their decision should be based on one thing — what is best for residents of Robeson County.That is not to say the decision is easy; there are many factors in the equation that need to be considered, and some have not been made public, such as the price that the park would pay for the land, or what would be involved in a land swap.

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Food for thought

Currently, just short of 84 percent of the students enrolled in the Public Schools of Robeson County receive their school meals either for free or at a reduced charge. The Board of Education was told this week that essentially all of the system’s 24,000 students might could eat for free — even the children of parents who have no trouble paying for the meals.The federal school meal program, the school board learned Tuesday, has a provision that districts in which 40 perc...

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The truth on election fraud

When it comes to political discussions on the pervasiveness and power of voter fraud, truth really is the first casualty.Democrats will argue that election fraud hardly exists at all, and that there isn’t any hard evidence that tainted votes are changing the outcomes of elections. But Republicans overplay their hand, arguing that voter fraud is orchestrated and rampant, election results can’t be trusted, and stricter election laws approved last year by the GOP-led Gener...

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Worth the wait

The development of Lumberton’s Northeast Park has at times been as agonizingly slow as a scoreless, extra-inning baseball game.It was almost a full decade ago, on Nov. 8, 2005, that 63 percent of Lumberton voters rejected the sale of $6 million in bonds as a way to pay for the park in one big bang, sending city officials, who remained determined, back to the drawing board.

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Opportunity knocks

The decision by the Lumbee Tribal Council last week to move ahead with the purchase of the land that is home to the now defunct North Carolina Indian Cultural Center represents a grand dual opportunity for that government — the chance to demonstrate to the people it serves its functionality, and a chance for the administration and the council to unite for a common purpose.It also made for a rare positive headline.

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A vote for literacy

On Friday and Saturday nights, 16 brave couples will put their best foot forward at the third annual Robeson County Dancing With the Stars with two goals in mind — don’t trip and fall, and raise money for a really, really good cause.The event, you should know by now, is organized by the Robeson County chapter of the United Way and raises money for the Dolly Parton Imagination Library, which provides free books monthly to children who haven’t yet reached their 6th ...

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Gaming again

The Lumberton City Council, which has made clear its disdain for video gambling, is working once again to make sure that establishments that offer that form of gaming don’t start popping up around the town if the state’s ongoing efforts to outlaw them fail.The city now has a moratorium on the establishments, which is a second level of protection as currently video gaming is outlawed by North Carolina, whose intent, hypocritically, is to steer more gambling dollars towar...

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