Tribal Chairman Brooks has been busy giving out jobs

First Posted: 11/11/2014

To the Editor,

The first time Rose Marie Lowery Townsend was employed by the Lumbee Tribe of North Carolina it is alleged that she was paid $1,000 per day. The federal government determined that she received $88,000 that she didn’t deserve. The Lumbee people were given the bill and were forced to pay back the $88,000, costing Rose nothing. On top of that experience, Rose then became tribal administrator at a salary approximating $100,000. All money paid to Rose came from federal funds intended to produce safe housing for Lumbee tribal members.

Tribal Chairman Paul Brooks has hired Rose back here less than two months before Christmas. Also this Christmas, Paul is preparing to evict 40-plus Lumbee families, leaving them without homes.

As director of the Boys & Girls Clubs, Rose will be teaching ethics and other life lessons to young Lumbee children.

Paul has also hired Ruby Locklear to work in Lumbee Vocational Rehabilitation. This is after Ruby’s husband, Paul Locklear, conveniently dropped out of a Tribal Council race a few weeks ago.

So Paul has been busy giving out jobs.

The Lumbee have forgotten a lot of what our parents, grandparents and great-grandparents taught us. Evil growing in Lumbee tribal governance would never have been allowed to prosper among our ancestors.

After only a couple of generations, the Lumbee have lost the sense of right and wrong. Lumbee people, you may have forgotten where you came from, but I can sure tell you where you are going.

Eric R. Locklear