Your View for April 24, 2012

First Posted: 4/24/2012

“No. History proves when one group’s morality becomes legislated, others become oppressed. Just across the SC border in 1905, in the Dimery Settlement, Furman Hughes was prosecuted and convicted of miscegenation (interracial marriage). Hughes was a white man who had married a Native American woman and for this crime, he was sentenced to one year of hard labor or pay a fine of $500. Those who mandate and manipulate laws to oppress others have proven they will do so by any means necessary to justify their own prejudices.”

Duane Brayboy-Williams


“No, I do not think it should be allowed. I mean I have gay friends and they do not believe in it either. The Bible clearly states Adam and Eve and anything else is wrong. Don’t knock no one for their sexual preference, but I also know it is a sin.”

Michelle Andujar


“Yes. Marriage was created for male and female.”

Claresa Breeden


“Yes, it is an abomination against God, and regardless of what other states are doing doesn’t mean North Carolina has to be part of it. We should stand up for what is right!”

Alisha Comfort-Hardin


“Yes, because the definition of marriage is husband and wife/man and woman.”

Rev. Timmy Hunt