Some more fruits that will help you

First Posted: 11/12/2012

Last time I wrote about the virtues of grapefruit, apricots, cranberries and the pomegranate. I got the impression from someone that I thought they were the best; no they were just my favorites. Like movies, they can be favorites without having the highest redeeming value. At any rate, here are a couple other fruits to consider.

Let us start with an easy one — the banana. While the juice of a banana is difficult to secure, the fruit is an excellent source of enrichment. I saw on website that the ripe banana tastes better than the unripened; some things do not need to be said. Anyway, the banana is high in potassium — essential for normal muscular function — and is a good source of dietary fiber and low in saturated fat and cholesterol. Banana consumption aids in the prevention of anemia and blood pressure — a recent study showed two bananas a day will keep blood pressure at bay, enhances alertness, eases constipation, reduces diarrhea, increases energy, counteracts heartburn, prevents cramps, reduces stress effects and is the only fruit that chronic ulcer suffers can eat without distressing the stomach. Additionally, it helps the body recover from nicotine withdrawal and the inside of the skin helps with swelling and itchiness associated with insect bites when rubbed on the site. There are no cautions.

Next up is the grape. They are valuable sources of vitamins A, B1, B2, B6 and C and have an abundance of minerals — calcium, chlorine, copper, fluorine, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium and sulfur. The seeds promote the growth and repair of tissues. Healthy benefits include being an anti-coagulant, eases inflammation, reduces atherosclerosis, cleanses the bladder, prevents cancer, serves as a mild laxative, assists with treating night blindness (eating the seeds), reduces fever, tones up the heart, remedies indigestion, reduces mouth and throat infections, relieves headaches and migraine, cleans out the kidneys, detoxifies the liver and is beneficial to the skin and helps reduce acne. As with many of the fruits, individuals with a predisposition towards kidney stones should avoid the Concord varieties. Incidentally, the deeper the color of the grapes, the richer the flavonoids.

Blueberries are rich in vitamin B2, C and E, manganese, soluble and insoluble fiber. It improves learning capacity and motor skills, reduces bladder infections, retards the growth of tumor and cancerous cells, lowers cholesterol, controls diarrhea, helps combat inflammations like gout, provides relief for nasal and lung congestions and helps improve vision. The only negative is people with a history of calcium oxalate should limit consumption.

And finally, we will do lime and lemon. They are excellent sources for vitamin C, B6, potassium, folic acid, flavonoids and limonene (detoxifies carcinogens). Health benefits include protects against bacterial poisoning, relieves asthma symptoms, kills cholera bacilli, halts the progress of colds, relieves constipation, relieves bloating and belching, relieves the pain of swollen gums, relieves heartburn, reduces inflammatory disorders and aids in soothing a sore throat. It will relieve the pain of burning soles/feet by rubbing a slice of lemon on them and you can soak your feet in the juice, which will actually promote deep sleep due to the relaxing action on the foot nerves. The peel may be rubbed on dry or scaly skin to restore that youthful luster. The key caution is to use moderation and ensure that there are no citrus allergies.

It might be my imagination but it sure seems working the fruit section of the grocery store is much more healthy than working the pain-relieving section. If you get a chance, try a natural remedy before you automatically purchase a man-made medication.