SeHealth recognized for employee wellness

First Posted: 7/10/2014

Southeastern Health was recently honored for its employee wellness programs.

The organization was awarded 2014 Excellence Recognition by Prevention Partners, in partnership with The Duke Endowment, as part of the WorkHealthy America initiative.

According to Prevention Partners, Southeastern Health achieved this recognition by earning straight A’s in four modules of the initiative: addressing tobacco use, physical activity, nutrition, and the overall culture around health and wellness. The Excellence Recognition honors Southeastern Health’s commitment to employee health as demonstrated by its policies, programs and benefits to support employee health, optimize employee productivity and integrate wellness into daily operations.

“Some examples of programs we have implemented throughout the organization include Fit Boxes, where managers are able to order a box which includes a set of 5-pound weights, resistance bands and exercises for employees to use during breaks,” said Amanda Roberts, health and wellness coordinator for Southeastern Health. “We also offer an on-site fitness center on our main campus that is open to employees around the clock.”

A healthy food policy was adopted by the organization which features a stoplight program to identify which foods are healthy items to eat often (green signs), moderately healthy items to eat occasionally (yellow signs) and unhealthy items to eat less often (red signs).

In an effort to support employees who wish to stop using tobacco products, an extensive tobacco cessation program is available to employees as well as their family members through Southeastern Health affiliate Gibson Cancer Center. Southeastern Health implemented an organization-wide tobacco free policy in April 2008, which was the foundation for its wellness success.

“We have shown as an organization that we support a culture of wellness by having strategic goals throughout the organization to ensure we support wellness,” Roberts said.

Two Southeastern Health committees, Change Your Plate and Image and Community Taskforce, were instrumental in the start-up and sustainability of each wellness program recognized by the award.

The award was presented to representatives of Southeastern Health during a visit to the main campus on Wednesday which included a tour of the cafeteria and on-site fitness center.

“Southeastern Health sets a high bar in establishing a workplace where employees can make healthy choices,” says Meg Molloy, President and CEO of Prevention Partners. “I applaud this great effort and the commitment of Southeastern Health’s leadership to create a culture of wellness.”

Prevention Partners is a nonprofit that offers a suite of products that guide schools, workplaces, hospitals and clinics to address the leading causes of preventable disease: tobacco use, poor nutrition, physical inactivity and obesity. For information, visit