Tribal justices overstepped with removal of speaker

First Posted: 10/11/2013

To the Editor,

This is in response to your editorial on Oct. 10 titled “A vote for elections.”

In it you write, “On Tuesday, the government’s Supreme Court not only removed Tribal Speaker Pearlean Revels from office, it piled on with additional punishments, including banning her from any tribal-related activities for five years. If Revels behaves, she has the opportunity in five years to ask for reinstatement. We aren’t experts on the tribal constitution, but will assume the four justices — a fifth recused himself — acted within the powers they are granted by that document.” You may not be expert on the Lumbee Constitution, but if you had read it I submit that you would not and will not find any authority in it for the Supreme Court to remove an elected member of the Tribe by simply ordering it.

Check the constitution at the following link: There is a process by which elected persons may be removed from office and it is called the Article IV Recall. All of those who are part of this fiasco need to be recalled.

Samuel Kerns