Why is Fox News so silent on ObamaCare?

First Posted: 9/30/2013

To the Editor,

On Sept. 26, I read columnist Thomas Sowell’s criticism of the “high costs” and “dire consequences” of ObamaCare on the Opinion page of my local newspaper, the Laurinburg Exchange. He offered no explanatory details, just an accusation that President Obama lied about the Affordable Health Care Act’s costs and consequences.

Then, I listened as President Obama explained the precise details of the bill at length on television, checking periodically to see if Fox News was covering the speech. Fox News did not. Following the speech, I turned to Fox News to hear its rebuttal. There was neither a rebuttal nor any mention that President Obama had addressed the issue. At approximately 12:10 p.m., Fox News briefly repeated some of the same rhetoric it has continually broadcast since the issue began, but made no effort to refute President Obama’s speech.

Following presidential debates, both major political parties are immediately prepared to tear whatever the opposing party’s candidate said to shreds, therefore, I fully expected FoxNews to broadcast an expository rebuttal to President Obama’s explanation of “Obama Care” by a Republican congressman, senator or Fox News commentator. Not only was there no rebuttal, there was no mention that the president of our great nation had just addressed the issue. If Republicans could disprove, or even successfully distort President Obama’s explanation, why was there a deafening silence on Fox News during and following the president’s speech?

Thank you for allowing me to ask,

Robert C. Currie Jr.