Saturday morning clinic starting for local athletes

First Posted: 8/22/2014

LUMBERTON — For the first time in Robeson County, athletes who sustain orthopedic injuries won’t have to wait through the weekend to receive treatment for their injury.

Southeastern Health is starting a clinic today to help bring trainers, coaches and orthopedic specialists into the same place for the benefit of the high school and middle school athletes in Robeson County.

“It was an opportunity for our orthopedic office to work with our athletic trainers and really help bring a service to Robeson County,” said Raymond Henley, Southeastern Health’s regional manager of specialty services.

The clinic will be held for high school and middle school athletes every Saturday at Southeastern Orthopedics, on Fayetteville Road, from 9 a.m. to noon on a first come, first served basis.

“We are working exclusively with the high schools and middle schools right now,” Henley said. “The coaches will send their players to the athletic trainer who is actually doing some of the treatments on the field anyway and the athletic trainer will let them know to see them in the morning.”

Henley said the clinic will serve two purposes. The first will be to reduce the crowding at the emergency room with athletes dealing with orthopedic problems. The second is to speed up the treatment of athletes.

“We’ll have a faster time for diagnosis and a quicker time to start treatment for rehab,” Henley said. “We will decrease the wait time for athletes.”

The trainers will be present for the clinic and Henley said this will help to bring better information to the orthopedic specialists before they look at the athletes.

“That way we have some communication as far as how the injury happened on the field, what did the athletic trainer see on the field, to connect with what our doctor is going to see inside the office,” he said.

The clinics will also be a benefit to parents of the athletes, Henley said.

“It’s something that’s really overdue,” he said. “I have talked to a number of parents who have had to take their kids to Willmington or Fayetteville and it’s nice to have a service right here in the county.”