Parent portal is a step forward

First Posted: 10/22/2013

On Friday, the Public Schools of Robeson County sent 24,000 access logins and passwords home with students for the new Parent Portal. The Parent Portal allows parents to constantly see their child’s school progress online. Parents will have access to grades, assignments, attendance and comments if the teacher posts them.

The new portal also allows parents to track a student’s graduation progress. The Parent Portal shows students cumulative and current GPA. School bulletins are also posted on the online site. Parents can also select to receive email notifications from the school for a “summary of current grades and attendance, detail report of assignment scores for each class, attendance reports, school announcements and even a balance alert when a student is low on school funds.

The Parent Portal is a component of Home Base and PowerSchool. Home Base is a statewide, instructional improvement and student information system for teachers, students, parents and administrators. Teachers will be able to use Home Base to access student data and teaching and learning resources. School administrators can monitor data on students, teachers and schools.

The Parent Portal tool was released as a pilot to the Public Schools of Robeson County Early College students in early September. On Oct. 18, the portal was released to the remaining schools across the district. Passwords and log in information were sent to parents on Oct. 18. With this information, parents should be able to create their account, link to their student and then track their student’s progress. If parents have multiple children, they can set up portal access at the time of set up.

The portal is the first of its kind for the Public Schools of Robeson County. We hope the tool will help parents to become more involved in their child’s education. With real time access, parents will have more accessibility to school information. The tool will improve communication with educators, thereby helping the student to succeed with the additional support.

Educators across the district trained throughout the summer on the new access tools. As of this week, the portal is working well. If you have questions or a problem logging into your Parent Portal account, contact your child’s school.

Johnny Hunt is the superintendent for the Public Schools of Robeson County.