Council urges residents to take control of future by casting vote

First Posted: 4/27/2012

To the Editor,

We have faced many challenges, trials and tribulations as a people and as a community. I was truly honored by your attendance at City Hall as you voiced your concern over the voting resolution issue.

Our citizens will be facing several challenges and decisions as we decide the political direction our national, state and county leadership. Our choices will have a long-term effect. Our families have felt the loss of local, state and national financial resources and programs over the years and it will be detrimental to us if we face four more years.

Sometimes the issues of change and platforms are cloudy during an election. Please understand the seriousness of these elections on all levels of government. Our people, our communities and way of life are deteriorating and being left behind as other communities and their infrastructure (roads, programs, jobs) continue to thrive and prosper. These elections should not be based on what church you attend or positions held within, or donations given, nor if you have business dealings with or whether you like or dislike a candidate. It should be about the proven record of “works” done for you — the people. It doesn’t matter who drives you, hauls you or assists you or gives you a marked sample ballot at the polls. Take a moment, look over all the candidates and mark the one who will give our communities the best opportunity to survive. A wise man once said, “If we continue to put the same stuff in, then don’t be surprised if we continue to get the same stuff out.”

Right now, we must encourage, energize, mobilize and urge every citizen to go vote. If possible, vote early to show our legislators that Lumberton utilizes one-stop voting. Secondly, this gives every unregistered person an opportunity to register and vote with minimum explanation. Finally, it gives us a clear picture of what we must do to be ready for our gubernatorial and presidential elections in November .

If no one has asked you to go vote, then I am personally asking you to vote and encourage others to vote also. The future is not pretty if we do not work together in unity and change it.

John Cantey

Lumberton councilman

Precinct 5