The GOPs politics of threat

First Posted: 12/28/2012

Only a dyed in the wool Liberal Progressive Dem could see $500 billion in spending cuts as taking money out of the economy. Hey, Froma, where do you think the feds get that $500 billion? From the hands of private individuals. That is what is taking money out of the economy. Or worse, the feds borrow or print the $500 billion. Get a clue.

I also like the part where she adds in the Bush tax cuts are set to expire because that’s how they were written by Repubs. They were written that way because Dems wouldn’t vote for them unless they had an expiration date. Dems have also failed to make them permanent every year that they’ve had the chance. So don’t try to make it out like Repubs are simply eager to raise taxes on everyone, lady.

Froma really jumps the shark when she claims the deficit isn’t due to unsustainable programs. Our debt is 70% of GDP and rising. You can’t sustain that regardless of how high you raise taxes. Don’t believe me? Watch Bob Whittle’s video on YouTube titled "Eat the Rich!"

Froma’s Dems will succeed in spite of her stupidity, though. Taxes will rise on everyone, and then they’ll propose a tax cut for their favored group that Repubs will have no choice but to sign.