Assange loved for his US hate

First Posted: 6/22/2012

Assange has leaked documents from many governments using many whistle blowers trying to promote transparency in government, albeit against the governments will. What was done to the soldier who allegedly leaked documents to wikileaks (allegedly because how can you trust a government report who is trying to place blame especially on a PFC who wouldn’t have access to all the "sensitive" documents that were released). That soldier went to prison at 185 pounds and was starved down to 135 without having a trial. That is torture. He is a scapegoat. Assange may have evil motives, but he has provided a means to transparency for government whistle blowers everywhere who want to hold their leaders accountable, or get them out of the way to further their own career. Wikileaks is a tool that can be used for good and evil, but the point of it is to expose and bring the shadows into light, even if the light casts more shadows.