Punish litterers in effort to clean up Robeson County

First Posted: 3/28/2014

To the Editor,

I believe Mr. Luther Harrison had a lot of good points in his letter to the editor published don March 27 about the garbage situation in Robeson County.

I would also like to add that Mr. Noah Woods stated that Robeson County is certainly not the only county with a trash problem. It is obvious that Mr. Woods does not use his large travel stipend to travel outside of Robeson County. Travel west through Scotland, Richmond and Union counties. Travel north through Harnett, Chatham and Orange counties. None of these counties look anywhere near as nasty as Robeson County.

And yes, Sheriff Sealey, I agree that your deputies need to keep a keener eye out for litterers. I have watched a Robeson County deputy driving a Robeson County Sheriff’s Department vehicle throw out of the car window a McDonald’s cup. Do you folks really expect part of the problem to be part of the solution? Have the deputies start watching for litterers and then levy a fine. Have a few deputies — or even recruit a few volunteers — to put on a pair of gloves and go through some of the many whole bags of garbage for a name and address. Then levy a fine on the offenders.

If the fine is not paid, let the litterer spend a night or two in jail. Better yet, make more people pay up on their property tax bill instead of letting them slide for several years, then the county would have a lot more money to spend on educating people not to be such slobs.

Martha Waldrep

St. Pauls