Tribal workers are honest, pleasure working with them

First Posted: 4/12/2012

To the Editor,

I have had the experience of working with lots of tribal workers, and they are honest people. They came to my home and took the application because I am unable to drive and go places on my own.

I had the pleasure of dealing with a lot of them out of the office with construction work at my house. They had respect for my home; they cleaned as they worked. Mr. Jacobs, it was a pleasure for you to work on my house. He was very organized and clean. Mr. Brooks is doing a great job for the people. I know he’s a people person. He will do anything he can to help anyone in need. The people should work together, he can’t do it all by himself.

My friend Mr. Gary Strickland worked hard for me when it came time to vote and go to the polls, because I am unable to drive. Because we have a good man in there now, we need to work hard and keep him in. If you want your voice to be heard, you need to work for it. The time you’ve given, the hearts you’ve touched, the lives you’ve blessed, these are true gifts from God. Thank you for sharing his love.

A special thanks to Mr. Paul Brooks, Ms. Tonya Lowry, Horace Jacobs, Mr. Bosco Locklear, Mr. H.J. Deese, Ms. Kelly Locklear, Ms. Marbeth Pevia, and Ms. Mona Emanuel. If I missed anyone’s name please tell them I said thank you.

Doris H. Oxendine