Time for dogs, cats, people to get vaccinated

First Posted: 9/28/2012

There are two noteworthy vaccination events that are occurring.

First, all of the Robeson County veterinarian clinics will be offering discounted rabies shots on Friday and Saturday. Again, this is above expectations as clinics are usually held in the spring. As a reminder, dogs and cats must have a current vaccination per state law; animals picked up by Animal Control that are not in compliance have an additional fee attached to any recovery.

Second, the flu vaccination period has hit us full-steam. The three viruses covered this year are A/California, A/Victoria and B/Wisconsin, which is almost completely different than the previous year. Concerns are that since last season was so mild, many people may skip the vaccination. It is still the best defense against the severities of a bout of influenza.

And with the coolness of the air and the leaves beginning to fall, I have realized that for the first time in 17 years, I will not have an immediate family member playing soccer on Saturdays. With Caroline’s eligibility exhausted, I am all out. There are still four girls from Lumberton’s teams playing at the next level, so some are not shut out at the level. For some reason (age related probably), I recall when the recreation teams played on the practice football field at the high school. Every five or 10 yards was trenched out, so dribbling was perilous at best.

Anyway, one time Caroline messed up with her schedule and showed for the second half. When we were getting started she asked to play the rest of the game and I said, well you never know, you might get tired or hurt, so let’s see what happens. Midway in she got hurt; while I was walking her off, holding her good hand, she already had a broken hand going into the game, she looked up and said “you cursed me”. I did not understand and she said you said I might get hurt. I had heard that in the movies but that was the first time it had been directed to me — correctly or not.

The gist of this is a good recreation league is vital as soccer is the only team sport not being played throughout the middle schools (as defined by no individual scores that lead to individual victories). It should not have to be the training grounds for high school, yet this is what has evolved. However, 10 years ago the players played up to high school age; now, most quit long before that, which leaves the travel team network as the major provider.

So get involved with soccer and stick to it kids. Dads and moms you may find your hero like I did. They start in small packages and grow to be overwhelming. At least mine did to me.

Bill Smith is director of the Robeson County Health Department.