U.S. needs strong leader to restore our greatness

First Posted: 2/23/2015

To the Editor,

God has blessed America. The United States is an exceptional country.

The U.S. has done more to advance freedom than any other country in the world; we have done more good than any other country. We have made many mistakes, and have problems that we must address and solve. But when the United States allows itself to become weak in the eyes of the world, catastrophe breaks loose. That is our world today.

From my viewpoint, we are depressed about all the horror we see daily on the news, all the economic distress we are experiencing, our border problems, the IRS law-breakers, the lack of caring for our war vets, and the takeover of our health care. Every day a new attempt is made to take away our hard-won freedoms.

Let us awaken this sleeping giant. Contact our leaders with our concerns. Fix our education system so that our young will know how this country was formed, the blood that was shed for our freedom and how our government should work. Restore discipline in schools and homes. Require high morals from Hollywood, the music industry and our government leaders. Teach our children the joy of hard work and being able to say, “I did this on my own, I paid for this with my own hard work.”

In 2016 we will again elect our president and other government leaders. Let us study the candidates, finding out what they stand for, how they have lad their adult lives, and what they believe in. Don’t vote for someone because they can make a pretty speech or are “cool,” vote for someone who will give you a “hand up not a hand out.” Vote for a strong leader with a love for this great country.

In the words of John F. Kennedy, “Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country.”

Evelyn Smith