Millions of menhaden dies near Wrightsville

First Posted: 12/30/2014

WILMINGTON (AP) — A state official says thousands of Atlantic menhaden have washed up from Mason Inlet between Wrightsville Beach and Figure Eight Island.

The StarNews of Wilmington reports thousands of carcasses were photographed after a Dec. 21 fish kill. Jim Gregson of the N.C. Division of Water Resources said the kill was “literally millions of menhaden.”

A large school of menhaden entered Mason Inlet at high tide. A video sent to the division shows the school of menhaden turning the light-green waters dark as they surged through. It’s believed the fish moved up the creeks behind the beach, became trapped as the tide fell and suffocated.

Gregson said it isn’t unheard of to see huge numbers of menhaden killed because they get stuck.