Sheriff has no solutions to growing crime problem

First Posted: 4/17/2014

To the Editor,

I would like to express my concerns about the ongoing incompetency regarding the Robeson County Sheriff’s Office.

I moved to Robeson County over two years ago from Cumberland County. I was a community activist and was also involved with the Safe Link Program. My direct efforts helped to considerably abate the traffic and criminal activities in the Haymount area where I resided.

I petitioned the Fayetteville Engineering and Infrastructure Department to install a traffic barricade at the end of my street which greatly alleviated the scofflaw and thoroughfare traffic activity. This not only made our community much safer, but also diminished the number of calls to 911 regarding unsafe drivers and accidents.

Since living in the outskirts of the Pembroke area, I have spoken to numerous permanent residents about the progressive epidemic criminal activities in our community, along with the total lack of the Sheriff’s Office efforts to get involved. Three gentlemen I spoke to stated sheriff’s deputies even tried to talk them out of filing a report after their residences were burglarized.

I recently went to an election campaign meeting of Lennis Watts and spoke with several people from all over Robeson County and the problems in their communities were just as bad or worse. An escalating crime problem with absolutely no help from the Sheriff’s Office.

The citizens of Robeson County are fed up with the increasing crimes in their communities and want to see an immediate change before it gets to the point of no return. Our present sheriff has lost total control of the situation and has no solutions.

Alan Jarrett